December Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charter

In between your annual turkey feasts in late November and late December, you can take advantage of Tampa Fishing Charters to catch and enjoy some prime trout. December is prime time for trout in the Tampa Bay area, as they come flooding in with the colder temperatures just as redfish and snook become a little harder to find.

Trout are great species to target in December in the Tampa Bay area. We catch some of the biggest trout this month. In fact. it’s not unusual to bring in 20 or 30 trout on a half day charter averaging around twenty inches. You might even haul in a few thirty-inchers if you’re lucky. And the mild meat on these babies make for a delicious meal that will keep your appetite satisfied until your holiday feast with the family.

We use light tackle with both artificial and live baits to entice these tasty fish to our hooks. They’re not picky, they’ll even take flies if you’re the fly-fishing type. We seek them out primarily in the grass flats where they like to hide – especially the “salt and pepper” flats that are interspersed with sand holes. Oyster bars and spoil islands are also good spots to find them. Wherever we go, they’re never far away.

While we’re targeting trout primarily, we can still catch some Spanish Mackerel, Sheepshead and Flounder as a by-catch. We also see a few sharks hanging around even though we are not targeting them. We can throw Redfish in the mix as well as they haven’t all swum away just yet and a few are still around at this point here and there. 

This time of year you never know if you’re going to get a warm day or if it will be a little cool for some of us locals, so dress accordingly. While the whole month is generally great for catching trout, if your charter follows a cold front you could catch your limit pretty quickly.

Give yourself an early present and call Capt John to book your charter for a trout extravaganza today! 

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