Trout Fishing Tampa Bay, FL

Trout are some of the world’s most prolific and popular fish. Both freshwater and saltwater Trout are an important food source for birds of prey, humans and animals. In Florida, many anglers head out to land the Spotted Seatrout. Capt. John and our crew will be delighted to help you land some spectacular Seatrout on your next expedition.

trout-fatTrout in Tampa Bay

The Spotted Seatrout, which can be found throughout Florida waters, is considered an excellent eating fish. This species tends to have adult body lengths between 12 and 24 inches. The largest trout ever caught in Florida weighed in at 17.7 pounds, but weights around 10 to 12 pounds are more common. The Seatrout has a silvery underbelly with distinctive black spots along its dorsal aspect and a divided dorsal fin.

When is Trout Fishing Season?

In Florida, anglers can catch Spotted Seatrout at any time of year. However, planning a successful expedition means knowing when Trout are active and likely to bite. From late fall to early spring, Seatrout are returning to shallower waters from spawning. This is the ideal time to catch trout as they are more fatigued and hungrier than in the months prior to spawning season.

Where to Catch Trout

Spotted Seatrout may move away from shore to spawn but prefer to stay inshore or near to shore the majority of the time. They tend to choose habitats with seagrass meadows or mangrove-fringed shores. Trout are often found in the holes and channels above oyster bars, meaning that anglers must lure them out of their hiding places in order to catch them.

How to Catch Trout

The key to landing Spotted Seatrout is understanding how weather and water conditions affect feeding patterns. Capt. John O’Hanlon has spent his entire life on Florida’s waters and will guide you to pick the best lures and fishing tactics possible. To lure Trout out of grass holes, we often use bait with floaters and allow it to drift. The captain will be happy to demonstrate these techniques to new anglers.

Trout Fly Fishing

Fly fishermen and fisherwomen the world over enjoy pursuing both saltwater and freshwater Trout. Seatrout is one of the most popular catches on our flats fishing expeditions. Fly fishing for Trout in a flats setting gives anglers an opportunity to build their sight fishing skills. As with any fishing expedition, choosing the correct fly is essential to success. Capt. John will help you understand how local conditions and insect life shape the Trout’s daily diet.