Snook Fishing Tampa Bay, FL

Snook is regarded as one of the premiere inshore catches in Florida. Snook have impressive fighting abilities, making landing one a joy for both new and experienced anglers. The Snook is also a popular table fish, but remember to skin it before cooking them so that they don’t have a strange, soap-like taste.

Beach SnookSnook in Tampa Bay

Catching Snook in the Tampa Bay area is popular with anglers of all experience levels because these plentiful fish put up a big fight when caught on a line. The common Snook, which is the most popular among Florida anglers, can grow up to 48 inches and reach weights up to 38 pounds. Small-scale fat Snook, large-scale fat Snook, tarpon Snook and swordspine Snook can also be found in Florida waters. These types of Snook tend to be smaller than the common Snook.

When is Snook Season?

It is only legal to fish for Snook in Florida from the first of September to the end of November. Snook populations in areas with uncontrolled seasons dip quickly, leading some anglers to liken them to the American Bison. Thankfully the Snook season in Florida is strictly controlled, so fish populations remain at high levels throughout the open season.

Where to Catch Snook

Snook tend to be found in inshore areas where there is a strong current or outgoing tide. Anglers on foot often attempt to land Snook by walking out on sand bars and casting with the tide. When you head out with Capt. John, he’ll explain how to choose the best Snook spot. The captain has more than 30 years of experience on the water and is always delighted to help anglers learn new skills.

How to Catch Snook

Snook can be caught with both live bait and artificial lures. The type of bait you need depends on overall water and weather conditions. We provide all of the bait that you will need for your expedition. For those who are interested in learning more about angling, the captain will be happy to explain how to choose bait for any trip.

Snook Fly Fishing

For fly fishermen and women, the Snook is one of the most challenging and rewarding fish to catch. For the best chances of landing a Snook, you’ll need to sight fish so that you can cast your bait in the right place. Snook aren’t aggressive ambushers, so the bait should fall in front of them in the water but not out of their reach. Sardines are a popular bait choice among Florida anglers aiming to land Snook.