Offshore Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay & Clearwater FL

offshore fishing chartersThere’s no feeling quite like being on the hunt for fish out on the open water with our offshore fishing charters. At Captain John O’Hanlon Fishing Expeditions, we love sharing our love of Florida’s waters with fellow fishing enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out to offshore fish for the first time or if you’re an experienced angler. We can create an expedition to meet your specific needs.

Offshore Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay & Clearwater

Offshore fishing provides both new and experienced anglers with the opportunity to catch a wide variety of popular species while out on the water. During your offshore expedition, you will fish in waters deeper than those typically fished during inshore expeditions. Many anglers choose offshore expeditions because they’d like to catch large fish that depend on the bottom structure in deeper waters. Of course, Captain John will be happy to answer any questions you may have about offshore expeditions.

What’s the Difference Between Offshore and Deep-Sea Fishing?

Many individuals mistakenly confuse offshore and deep-sea fishing. While large fish can be caught on both types of expedition, it’s important to remember that offshore trips are generally conducted closer to the shore than deep-sea trips. Anglers on offshore expeditions generally troll or fish the bottom in order to land big catches.

Types of Fish to Catch and the Best Time of the Year to Catch Them

If you’re considering heading out for an offshore fishing expedition, you are likely eager to know what types of fish you might catch while on the water. Fishers who join Capt. John on an offshore expedition tend to land Redfish, Mackerel, Trout and Shark. The captain is out on the water almost every day and will be able to advise you of the best time to fish for the species that you desire to catch. In general, the late winter to early summer months are best for offshore fishing. Thanks to his 30 plus years of industry experience, Capt. John has the expertise needed to determine when and where fish are biting. Bait, tackle, licenses, and cleaning and packaging of your fish is included in the price of your expedition.

Your Tampa Bay Saltwater Fishing Guide of Choice

Spending a day on the water catching fish and having fun is one of the best ways to make an enduring memory. At Captain John O’Hanlon Fishing Expeditions, we are proud to offer a variety of fishing expeditions suited to the needs of all anglers. Whatever your fishing charter needs, we can help.

We also offer inshore fishing & flats fishing.