Flats Fishing – A Fanatics Guide to the Best Places in Tampa Bay

As you consider a Tampa Bay fishing outing, you have many options in terms of your primary fishing focus. You may have a species or area in mind, but if you are a bit new to sport fishing in a saltwater environment, flats fishing provides an exciting but more controlled experience. Experienced anglers can also enjoy flats fishing Tampa Bay activities when time is a bit more limited. The faster pace of this approach to fishing makes it possible to get in and out of an area quickly while providing excellent fishing conditions. Whether your interest is shark fishing or another species, you can consider various areas in the Tampa Bay region.

Different Flats Spots to Consider

If you don’t want to invest in a charter, don’t have a boat, or don’t want to be limited by someone else’s schedule, flats fishing Florida areas closer to shore allow for fishing directly from shore or while wading. Fly fishing is possible in the flats as well. If you need some guidance, you can research professional fishing help with Captain John O’Hanlon, but you can also learn through practice.

As you consider flats fishing Tampa Bay areas farther from shore, a boat is necessary. Flats are shallow, providing level areas that extend a great distance. They are often located in estuaries or marshy zones. Depth is only a few feet in most cases, and waters tend to provide an excellent view of the fish. Flats locations closer to deeper water provide a little more access to a deep water fishing experience without the need for a long-distance trip from shore.

Planning Your Flats Fishing Tampa Bay Trip

A local has the luxury of exploring to find those secret fishing spots that provide rewarding experiences, but most fanatics won’t share their hot spots. As a visitor, however, you may not have the advantage of knowing temperatures, timing, fishing restrictions, or other subtle details that will affect your outcome. Captain John O’Hanlon Fishing Expeditions provides you with the opportunity for a successful outcome when your fishing time is minimal, and the crew is more than willing to take you right to our favorite hot spots. Learn more about our flats fishing charters, or call us at 727-871-1851 to schedule your adventure.

Looking for a personalizing fishing charter experience?

At Captain John O’Hanlon Fishing Expeditions, we strive to provide the best possible Clearwater fishing charter services in the Tampa Bay area. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, we’ll work hard to make sure that you have a fun day of angling on Florida’s waters. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have.