Fishing Reports Tampa Bay, FL

Shark kind of Day

Paul from UK and Elaine from Scotland fished with us today. Paul wanted to catch a Shark. The weather forecast was AM shoreline showers. All the storms moved north of us and gave us a rainfree morning. Elaine caught the first Shark. Paul caught a Jack that fought like a big shark. Then Paul caught …
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Morning Tarpon!

Today we fished for Tarpon. We had two boys from the summer games fish with us. Our regular guy Lane brought his roommate Connor with him. Strangely Lane never got a bite. However Connor was lucky enough to hook three of the giants. All three where lost. This was Connors first time Fishing in the …
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Beautiful Sunrise !

We had a beautiful sunrise over St. Joseph sound today. Tom Constantino from Toronto fished for Tarpon with us this morning. We had one Tarpon eat a bait but did not hook up. Neighboring boat hooked up and got a couple of jumps. Then the Tarpon threw the hook. Then the world went quite.