King Mackerel Fishing Tampa Bay, FL

The Mackerel is undoubtedly one of the most popular and well-know game fish in the world. Both Spanish and King Mackerel are found in the waters of Florida and can be pursed by anglers. These big, fast-swimming fish have razor-sharp teeth and are considered a real prize by anglers. Mackerel also makes a good table fish.

King Mackerel in Florida

Spanish and King Mackerel are found throughout Florida’s waters. King Mackerel can range up to 72 inches in length and can weigh in at nearly 100 pounds. Spanish Mackerel tend to be significantly smaller with females generally weighing no more than 12 pounds. For sport fishing purposes, all Mackerel are measured according to their fork length. This is done by measuring from the tip of the snout to the tip of the fork on the tail.

When is King Mackerel Season?

Mackerel season is open year round in Florida. However, the actual seasons for King Mackerel are March-April and October-November. Capt. John can help you decide if an inshore or offshore trip will be best given the time of year when you want to fish for Mackerel.

Where to Catch King Mackerel

Mackerel prefer water that is at least 70 degrees. They travel down and around the Gulf Coast as the year progresses to stay in warm water. Mackerel can be found in shallow, clear waters where bait fish are prevalent. They can also be found along beaches with sandy shorelines. Mackerel can also be caught on offshore expeditions.

How to Catch King Mackerel

Mackerel are very aggressive fish who can be caught with both live and artificial bait. Trolling and bait casting tend to be popular methods to catch Mackerel. It’s important to be careful and work as a team when landing one of these fish as they have very sharp teeth and must be carefully controlled.

King Mackerel Fishing Charters

Offshore fishing for Mackerel is one of the most fast-paced and exciting experiences an angler can have. Because these fish put up a big fight, both new and experienced anglers will find landing one a challenge. Capt. John is happy to provide the best possible mackerel charters in the Tampa Bay area. When you choose one of our charters, you’ll be working with one of the most experienced captains in the area.