It’s getting hot out there, and for some people that means either baking on the beach or retreating to the cool comfort of air conditioning. But for those who love a challenging fishing trip, the heat means it’s time for shark fishing Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay is a hotbed for shark fishing and the waters are teaming with a wide variety of shark types, although many of them are prohibited game. Even though it’s legal to fish for Hammerheads, Blacktip, Bonnethead, Bull, and Lemon Sharks – among others – year round in the Tampa Bay area, this time of year is when you’ve got the best chance to catch some.

That’s because the sharks like to move further up into the bay the warmer the water gets, so you don’t have to go miles out on a deep water expedition to get the rush of landing one. And landing a shark is still an enjoyable challenge even for seasoned anglers. Shark fishing Florida`, and especially the Tampa Bay and Clearwater areas, is a special fishing treat that you can’t get just anywhere, since it’s one of the most shark infested areas anywhere, particularly in the hot summer months.

If you’ve never fished for shark before you might be wondering why you’d want to. Here are a few great reasons.

It’s thrilling. Of course it’s always a thrill top feel the tug at your line and reel in a catch, but in the clear waters around Tampa Bay shark fishing takes that thrill to a new level. You can often see the sharks coming from a good way off and believe me – watching a shark approach with the anticipation of hooking one is a lot more exciting than seeing catfish jumping in some lake.

They’re delicious. If you’ve never tastes shark before then you’re in for a tasty treat. And thinking about the adventure you had catching the beast makes them taste all the better.

It gives you a great story to tell. Just picture sitting with your coworkers or your grandkids and shooting the breeze, and you casually drop into the conversation: “That reminds of the time I caught that Hammerhead shark off the coast of Florida…”. It’ll widen more eyes than “that reminds of the time I caught that bluefish…”

It’s a challenge. You always challenge yourself to pull in as many and as big a catch as you can when you set out on a fishing trip, but the challenge of reeling in a shark is entirely different than trying to catch one more trout than your cousin Eddie.

Besides all that it’s just plain fun, and we all need a little more fun in our lives these days. So if you’ve never gone shark fishing Clearwater, Fl, or Tampa Bay, do something a little different this summer and call Capt. John O’Hanlon to charter a trip. And if you’ve already discovered the joys of shark fishing, then you’ll appreciate Capt. John’s expertise in finding just the right spots to land your next big one.

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