Let’s Go Shark Fishing!

It’s been an exciting summer so far for shark fishing Tampa Bay, and there have been many happy and thrilled individuals and families alike that have made memories they’ll never forget from reeling in a shark on their lines. Spending the day on the waves and in the sun with good company, then engaging in battle with some of the fiercest fighters in the ocean to try and land them. It’s much more than your typical vacation day. It’s the stuff of greatness.

Unfortunately like all good things do, shark fishing season is coming to an end as well. But it’s not too late to charter your adventure yet!

Shark Fishing with Capt. John will be winding down as we approach September, when we will be switch to fishing other species for the Fall. But that means there is still more than a full month to come out and catch your own shark, so don’t put off calling us to charter your own trip any longer. You’ll be sorry if you do!

Shark fishing Tampa is a safe, exciting, and fun activity for the whole family and for kids of all ages, even if you’re just a kid at heart. Although we always catch many different species of sharks when shark fishing Clearwater and the Tampa Bay area, the Blacktip shark biting has been extremely hot this year. These Blacktip sharks make for excellent table fare (if you choose to keep your shark and not release it), as they are among some of the most delicious species around and make steaks that you’ll remember as long as your memories of your fight to land them!

After your battle with the Blacktip is won and you’ve landed it in the boat, (only if you want to eat it) we immediately bleed the fish and ice it down to ensure the best taste when you’re ready to cook it later in the evening. Once we are back at the dock, we will steak the shark out and bag it for you and your party. It makes for the perfect ending to the perfect day, good times topped off with great seafood.

You don’t want to miss out on this exciting adventure. Contact Capt. John today to charter your shark fishing trip, and get ready for an afternoon you won’t soon forget!

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